Leadership Opportunities:  There are many opportunities for students to demonstrate and experience leadership at Bream Bay College. These include the following:




•          Prefects: Two Head Girls and two Head Boys - senior students who demonstrate leadership ability and responsibility
•          Students are encouraged to be part of the Health Promoting Schools team
•          Student Whanau leaders are elected from each Whanau group (20 in total)
•          Each house has representatives on the 3 Student Councils
•          Each house elects a senior boy and girl (8 in total) as house leaders
•          A Student Representative on the Board of Trustees is elected each year
•          International Exchanges
•          Spirit of Adventure / R Tucker Thompson sailing experiences
•          Mediators at 3 levels
•          Peer Sexuality Support Team
•          Year 13 Leadership Camp



M People are respected senior students who act as mediators and mentors in the school
They operate under the idea that "the person is not the problem; the problem is the problem"
They attend a camp at the beginning of the year and weekly meetings where they learn about the following:
Role modelling

They wear their M People T Shirts to school once a week to increase their visibility and make it easier for students to approach them. The M People train the junior peer mediators and encourage them to act as mentors and mediators in the junior school. They also organise and run annual school peace week and respect week where they promote messages of peace and respect to our school community. The M People are overseen and trained by our school Guidance Counsellor Mrs Susan Reynolds.