All students who enrol at Bream Bay College are expected to meet the following minimum competencies at all times:




  1. Managing Self – Brings books, brings gear and arrives to class on time
  2. Relating to Others – Speaks respectfully with peers and speaks respectfully with teachers
  3. Participating and Contributing – Tries to do the work, asks for help if stuck and follows teacher directions

The College takes a “zero tolerance” stance to anyone who does not meet these minimum competencies. They will be provided with help to achieve the standard but refusal to meet these standards will result in removal from class and ultimately removal from the College.


  • As Parent(s)/Caregiver(s)/Guardian(s) of the student named above I/we agree to ensure that our son/daughter meets the minimum competency standards along with other rules of Bream Bay College
  • I/we give permission for Bream Bay College to request information from previous school(s)

       regarding my/our daughter/son. (In accordance with the Privacy Act 1993)

  • In the event of sickness and accident emergencies whereby staff are unable to contact parents I authorise the College to obtain on my behalf any medical assistance if in the opinion of staff such treatment is necessary and agree to meet the costs incurred.
  • I/we confirm that the address which I/we have provided in this application to enrol will be the usual place of residence for the enrolled student when the school is open for instruction. I will advise the school of any subsequent change.
  • I/We give permission for the College to use photos of my/our child in the College newsletter, on the College website and for publicity purposes.  (Please advise the School if you have any concerns about publication of your child’s photos).