Students Against Drink Driving

Bream Bay College supports SADD - a peer education programme that has been in New Zealand for over 20 years. The primary objective of SADD is to reduce the harm caused on our roads by drink drivers. The peer education programme is run in secondary schools by students, and can be incorporated into the school curriculum. The organisation is open to any student and SADD encourages participation from across the year levels. SADD believes in the capacity of our youth to take action and to create change. Our initiatives and key messages are driven by young people for young people. SADD is an adaptable programme - enabling students to design and present their activities and events in a way that caters to the unique environment and culture of their school or community. Mission - To contribute to reducing road deaths and injuries from drink driving by promoting positive behaviour change in 13-17 year olds. Vision - New Zealand young people are not drink-driving.