At year 7/8, year 9/10 and year 11 to 13 students may gain Stripes in academic, sporting, cultural, leadership and service pursuits.

So you can understand the following categories and encourage target-setting in Co-Curricular stripes, here is how it works. Students must gain four or more stripes in a particular code or activity to earn a Year Level Stripe. Awarding of year Stripes will occur twice per year.

Sporting stripe
In order to receive a sporting stripe, a student may represent the school in a sporting activity and or/inter-school fixture.

Leadership stripe
A student will qualify for a leadership stripe through participation in one of the following areas. Leadership can take a number of guises but honourable character and selfless service would be a good starting point. We judge leaders by who they are, what they know and what they do. We need to trust them, have confidence in them, be inspired by them. Possible areas to be awarded a leadership stripe are:-
 Class leader
 Stage Manager school show
 Student Council
 Leadership in Kapahaka
 D.J. at school social
 School Council
 Junior Prefect
 Outside activities / Clubs
 Sports Captain of team
 House Leaders / Prefects

Cultural Stripe
A cultural stripe is gained through participation in one of the following areas:
 Kapahaka
 A college production
 Being in ‘Te Tuinga’ or ‘Music Night’
 Participation in a band, singing or learning an instrument and performing live
 Being in a Speech Competition or Debating team
 Dance
 Drama
 Tikanga awards
 Writing awards

Co-Curricula Stripes Service Stripe
A service stripe may be gained through participation in one of the following areas:
 Support team for a college production
 Being a librarian
 Outstanding contribution to student centred support service and activities
 Environmental Service
 Litter initiatives
 Class monitor/ general helpfulness

Academic Stripe
An academic stripe may be gained by;
 Gaining a place in academic competitions such as Mathex, Commonwealth essay, Short story competitions, etc
 Being a finalist in the School Speech contest or Tai Tokerau competition, Cyril Bassett, Nga Manu Korero
 Gaining 3 or more Excellences in a subject.(Year 7 & 8; 2 or more Excellences in Homeroom)

Kia Maia badge (Junior: Year 7/8 and Year 9/10, Senior 11 to 13) A Kia Maia badge may be gained through:
 All round excellence in the classroom
 A teacher may nominate one student per term for a Kia Maia badge
 At least 3 stripes from different categories and 1 year level stripe

Tumuaki badge (Junior: Year 7/8 and Year 9/10, Senior 11 to 13) This is the highest and most prestigious award in the Stripes system. In order to receive a Tumuaki badge, a student must have a Kia Maia Badge and have continued to gain stripes and perform at the highest levels. One student per class may be nominated. This nomination will be discussed at Senior Management level.

Where to put your stripes:
The stripes are to be sewn on items of uniform at the discretion of the student. They may be sewn on their shirt, jersey, sweatshirt or jacket. There is no limit to the number of academic, sporting, leadership, cultural or service stripes that a student may gain.