Students are expected to wear the school uniform with pride at all times.  This includes to and from school. It should be kept clean, fresh and free of graffiti at all times.
The College uniform is available through Bethells in the Strand Arcade and The Warehouse, Whangarei, with the exception of shoes which may be purchased from any retailer.  Items are available ready-made or made-to-measure.  Lay-by and Income Support quote services are also available.  The school operates a limited second hand uniform service on request and on enrolment days. All uniform items must have a school logo embroidered on them.

Jewellery & Cosmetics:  
Students may wear a wristwatch, and a single, small plain sleeper or small plain stud in each ear.  A taonga may be worn.  No other jewellery is permitted.  The wearing of make-up and coloured nail polish is not permitted.

Uniform: Boys and Girls Year 7-12

Shorts    Black regulation shorts with BBC logo
Trousers Black regulation trousers with BBC logo
Skirt Tartan kick pleat skirt
  Black kick pleat skirt with BBC logo
Blouse    White blouse with school crest 
Polo T shirt  Red and black polo with school crest
Shirts  White shirt with school crest
Under Garments T shirts are not to be visible. A student may wear a white thermal under a white blouse/shirt and a black thermal under the red polo shirt
Jersey  School woollen jersey with crest  
Sweatshirt Red sweatshirt with black high collar and school crest
Jacket Red and black rainproof school jacket or new Black Jacket with BBC Logo
Footwear  Plain black shoes (possible to have any colour sole)
Sandals  Black roman sandals or slave sandals
Socks  White or black quarter socks. Girls may wear black pantyhose or black tights to be worn with shoes only. (not sandals)
Sun Hat Plain black surfie hat 6.5cm brim
  Black cap (possible to have a small logo)
Beanie     Plain Black embroidered with “BBC” on the band worn in term 2 and 3 only.
Scarf    Plain black worn in term 2 and 3 only.
Belt    Black belt only
PE (optional but available)
Top    Red v top with black contrast
Shorts Black sport shorts
Track pants  Black track pants

Year Thirteen
Year thirteen mufti is a privilege. Those year 13 students who fail to comply with the Year 13 dress code will be given one formal warning.  Further failure will result in the student losing their mufti privilege and having to return to wearing school uniform.

Clothing Standard All clothing will be in good condition and repair.
Logos & Pictures All items of clothing worn to school must comply with the logo criteria.
  Logos must not advertise alcohol, tobacco or other substances forbidden at school.  Logos must not be of a nature that they could offend members of the school or the public.
Shirts    Polo/cotton shirt long or short sleeved or a dress T-Shirt. Non-visible garments may be worn underneath.  Shirts without a hemmed bottom must be tucked in.
Shorts & Trousers Trousers or shorts that are not obvious beach wear.
Skirts & Blouses No extreme mini skirts, or low cut tops. Tops must be able to reach the waist-band of shorts or skirts
Footwear  Footwear will be worn at all times.
  Shoes will be clean and worn laced up.
  Rubber jandals are not to be worn.
Jerseys/Jackets  A jersey or jacket may be worn.
Hair    Students will be clean shaven.
Jewellery Visible body piercing other than in the ears is not acceptable.
  Jewellery will be modest by nature.
Hats     Must be worn as sun hats – not fashion accessories

All clothing worn should be suitable for a person working in the retail industry,  Obvious  beach wear is not suitable.

A Deputy Principal will decide on all uniform queries and the decision will be final.

Dress Uniform

Shirts/Blouses   White cotton shirt or blouse, long or short sleeved with a buttoned collar. To be worn tucked in at all times.
Trousers Black dress college trousers.
Skirts Black dress college skirt at approximately knee length.
Tie      Black Bream Bay College tie worn correctly, top button of shirt is to be done up.
Footwear    Plain black shoes. Girls may wear plain black dress sandals with a skirt.
Blazer   College Terracotta blazer.
Hair    Students will be clean shaven and hair to be well groomed.
Jewellery   Visible body piercing other than in the ears is not acceptable.
  Jewellery will be modest by nature.
College Badges Are to be worn on the blazer lapel above the Bream Bay College shield.

  Travel Uniform

  • All students are to travel in the same uniform.
  • Teams are to compete in a full strip. Where a full strip is not available students will compete in the PE uniform.
  • College sports socks may be worn for hockey, soccer and rugby.
  • Year thirteen students are to travel in the same uniform as the team.