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Students in Year 7 & 8 classes spend most of their time with their 'Homeroom Teacher'. With this teacher they study English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Health. Most of the teachers will also take another subject such as Art, Dance, Technology or Physical Education.

This means that students will spend between 15- and 20 hours (out of 25) with their Homeroom teachers. The Homeroom environment is a stable one, allowing students to work within familiar routines and in a classroom which they can call their own.

As an added bonus, the students also have the benefit of specialist teachers and facilities for our specialist subjects such as Science, Art, Technology, Maori and Music. Year 7 and 8 students are able to access fully equipped science laboratories, workshops, cooking, music and art rooms.

The Physical Education programme encourages the development of skill attainment and fitness within an inclusive and supportive environment. We have a full supply of sports equipment for the students to use in their PE lessons.

The College offers classes of Maori enrichment education and mainstream classes at both year 7 & 8 level.  A homeroom teacher is responsible for delivering Social Studies, English, Maths and Health.  Technologies, Science, PE, Te Reo Maori, Art and Music are taught by Specialist teachers in separate faculties. Classes are single level, with the students remaining with the homeroom group for both their Year 7 and Year 8 years.

The following Languages are also available via video conferencing: Tongan, Samoan, French, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin and German. For further information please contact your students homeroom teacher or our FarNet Principal Amanda King

Students are offered many opportunities at Bream Bay College and in Year 7 and 8. We encourage our students to become as involved as possible. Extra-curricular activities such as Kapahaka, Music, Debating, Sports, Speech, Performing Arts and Competitions are all very popular. All students are encouraged to take a full and active role in all activities eg bands- music, swimming, athletics, Te Tuinga, Student Council, library, debating, kapahaka, sports exchanges etc.

Teachers in year 7 & 8 Department make a commitment to doing their best for your students and use email as a means of regular communication between school and home.

Camps take place in a two year cycle. There they take part in a range of outdoor educational activities in a beautiful setting. The classes try to fundraise as much of the camp fees as they can. Normally the cost for camp is approximately $270.

Year 7 & 8 student issues should be addressed to their Homeroom teacher, House Dean or House Deputy Principal.

Students are placed into one of four houses from which they are placed into a Whanau group. These Whanau groups are vertical (year 7 to 13). The students remain in these Whanau groups for the duration of their time at Bream Bay College. 

The first three weeks of term one for year 7 students is focussed on getting to know each other, the school, the wider community and its systems.

Throughout 2018 our focus is Deep Learning using the 6C’s.

Each term focuses on 2 of the 6Cs with curriculum areas feeding into them.

Term 1:    Character (Managing Self): Learning about the way you learn best, and developing your ability to hang in there when things are tough.
Creativity (Thinking): Seeing opportunities and asking the good questions needed to generate new ideas then taking action on them.

Term 2:    Citizenship (Participating and Contributing): Thinking about local and global problems that affect people, communities and the environment.
Critical Thinking: Looking for patterns, connections and meanings, and making good decisions about the worth and validity of ideas.

Term 3:    Collaboration (Relating to Others): Work constructively with others to make good decisions, plan and process, and pursue collective action.
Creativity (Thinking) #2: Seeing opportunities and asking the good questions needed to generate new ideas then taking action on them.

Term 4:     Communication (Language, Symbols and Text): Sharing ideas in lots of different ways to meet the needs of different audiences.
Critical Thinking # 2: Looking for patterns, connections and meanings, and making good decisions about the worth and validity of ideas.

Our Social Studies units will be completed using inquiry learning.

As part of the College’s focus on improving learning partnerships the Year 7 homerooms will be using the SeeSaw app. Your child will have his or her own learning journal, and you can get notified when your child adds new items. This way you can see what your child has been learning.

All students at Bream Bay College are expected to have a device. A 10-inch tablet or a laptop is fine for year 7 students. These will be used in all classes.

As part of the College’s focus on improving communication parents will be able to communicate with all staff at the College via email or telephone. To email a teacher, please send the message to To leave a phone message please phone 4328226.

We look forward to working together with you to aid a seamless entry from Primary School to College for your child.