Bream Bay College is a restorative based/relationship focused school with the following flavours: Academic, Sporting, Performance (music, cultural and dance), Health Promoting School, ICT, Whanau System, Enterprising, producing well rounded young men and women for the 21st century.



Our Core Values are:

  • At Bream Bay College we believe in and encourage strong school spirit
  • Bream Bay College is a bicultural school.  We are aware of the rich cultural diversity of our community and the special place of Maori in it
  • Bream Bay College embraces its Scottish heritage unique to its local community
  • We aim to be a restorative school which is underpinned by the making and maintenance of positive, caring relationships
  • Our school has a fine record of providing opportunities for all students to enjoy life and learning
  • We seek to be future focused while maintaining and enhancing the quality of the education we offer at Bream Bay College
  • We believe that a balanced education incorporates academic, arts, sporting, cultural, performance, leadership and service components
  • We have a positive attitude to self-review and continuous school improvement
  • We foster entrepreneurship, enterprise, and innovation
  • We believe that information technology embedded in the curriculum leads to more powerful learning
  • We strive to be responsive to our students’ and communities needs
  • We encourage students to take advantage of the unique rural/coastal environment that is the Bream Bay area
  • We recognise the underlying primary industry of the area is farming
  • Bream Bay College is committed to being a Health Promoting school