Parent Teacher Association

Chair: Sharon Carroll
Treasurer: Yvonne Boakes

The PTA meets in week 2 and 8 every term. It provides an opportunity for parents and teachers to meet and raise any questions or concerns they may have about their child or the school. Every now and then we invite speakers to talk about issues relevant to parenting teenagers.

All the activities of the PTA are voluntary and there is no pressure to do anything but it is a excellent way to keep in touch with what is going on in the school and meet other parents. The more widely the community is represented in the PTA, the better we can represent the interests of our children. Email [email protected] for further information.

Joining the PTA does not mean that you are immediately roped into doing things! We run the secondhand uniform sales laundering and mending donated items of clothing. We hope this provides a good service to our school families.

Over the last few years we have spent some of the funds earned from these activities enhancing the environment of the school with plants and sculptures, building raised beds in the horticulture block, redesigning and planting the kitchen garden and buying much needed new gazebos.

We currently organise 'working bees' once a term whereby we come together to tidy up and replant the grounds.

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