Tips for the Juniors from the Year 13's

Karli Babe-Vercoe

"Definitely make lots of friends and talk to as many people as you can"

Hayley Griffiths

Advice for anyone thinking about coming to BBC: "Do it! You will be able to see Mr Bayers awesome dance moves when reaching year 11-13 at the Ball"

Kora Hita-Duval

Subjects I would Recommend: "Geography, Maori and Hospitality … have the best teachers ❤️"

Kiera Carroll

"I think year 13 has begun to prepare us well for life after school and is it more independent and self directed than other years "

Jayde van Gelder

"My Favorite times at BBC: Showquest, Movie Project and the Ball"

Stella Panu Park

If you had to do college again would you do differently? "Um not be such a scaredy cat and join in a bit more "

Amy Swanson

"Have trust in your teachers and when u need help that the year 13s are always there and aren’t as scary as u think"

Zona Wassell

"I love being apart of breakfast club because I meet new people everyday"

Chassedy Agustin

What Subjects do you recommend? "Dance as it improves students confidence and lets them express their feelings"

Georgia Loft

"I am certain that the vocational pathways are helping students learn about careers and giving us gate way opportunities"

Max Whitehead

Has anyone at BBC been a mentor to you? "Yes, too many to mention. One in particular would be Miss Dalgleish"

Carys Tuhiwai

Advise for someone coming to BBC: "join councils to make friends and get involved straight away"

Abbey McKegg

Which subject do you recommend? "Art because it’s a break from the rest of school"

Zara Jacobson

Which subject do you recommend? "Keep your interests in mind when picking your subjects and don't just stick to what you know, sometimes a subject that you wouldn't have considered becomes a favourite"

Esme Fleming

"Take as many opportunities as you can get. Take all the support you are given, and talk to as many teachers as you can. If you are struggling to understand a subject, confront your teacher as many times as needed, and make sure you get the help you may need. Make friends and get involved"

Dakota Watts

On Extra curricular Activities: "Great fun, and good for making the year groups come together and get to know classmates better. Year 7 Shakespeare Camp, Year 7&8 Electives, Year 9 Fun Day, Year 11 English trip to Smugglers Bay, Year 13 Leadership day at the Cove"

Theo Wallace

Is BBC preparing you for life? "It is, because I have had good relationships with teachers here at school because thats allowed them to give me their own good advice. They also are really good at sending you on the right direction to get good grades" "

Mirabella Uphof

"Take all the opportunities that you can, and get involved with a broad array of activities. Always make sure you are still prioritising your school work and mental health and find a healthy balance. Your teachers always want the best for you. Sometimes it may feel like they push you, but it's for our own benefit, and we don't appreciate them enough. Make sure to thank your teachers often!"

Casey Gravatt

"BBC has prepared me for life after school because of its diversity. It's helped me to get along with people from all walks of life. Some of the Bream Bay teachers go above and beyond to help out their students. The two that have helped me the most would be Mr Shandil and Mrs Stemmet, they've been really helpful with my schoolwork but also helped me to strive to be the best I can. "