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Uniform at Bream Bay College

Students are expected to wear the school’s uniform with pride at all times. This includes to and from school. New uniform can be purchased from The Warehouse and Bethels in the Strand Arcade. Limited second hand uniform is available from our PTA. Call Sarah on: 0275 727 248 or Email: [email protected]

YEAR 7 - 12

Socks | Stockings  | Footwear

Socks – Plain black or white.

Stockings - Must be black and worn with shoes only.

Footwear – Should be firm fitting, safe and appropriate to wear in a school setting.  Plain, mostly black covered shoes, black soles and flat heels or fully black sandals. In practical lessons such as technology and science, students will be required to wear covered shoes for safety reasons.
High tops and crocs are not allowed.

Shorts | Skirts.

Shorts - Plain black. Shorts length must be to the knees when standing.

Skirts - Plain black.  Skirt length must be to the  knees when standing.
Denim or ripped shorts/skirts are not allowed.

Jersey | Sweatshirt | Jacket – Red school woollen jersey with school logo or fullly black sweatshirt or black jacket.
Hoodies are not allowed.  

Trousers – Plain black
Denim, leggings, activewear, trackpants and ripped trousers are not allowed.

Shirt/Blouse – White blouse with school logo. 

Polo T Shirt - Red Polo with black collar and school logo. 

Hats – Plain black beanie, cap or bucket hat. (No branding).
Hats being worn inside is not allowed.

Thermals – A Black or white thermal may be worn under the school shirt. Thermals must be tucked in and not seen.

Jewellery & Cosmetics - Students may wear a wristwatch, small and discreet earrings in each ear. A taonga may be worn. No other jewellery is permitted.
The wearing of make-up and coloured nail polish is discouraged. 

School blazer – These are available for students to wear when they are attending formal school activities.  Please see Mrs Donaldson to organise.

Year 13 & All Year Level Mufti Dress Code 

Respectable clothing appropriate for a school setting is expected.

The following is not accepted:
  • Clothing with offensive logos, pictures or language ie: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vaping
  • Singlet or string shoulder strap tops. NB: all tops must have a sleeve 
  • Crop or off the shoulder tops 
  • Low cut tops 
  • Exposed bra straps 
  • Patched, torn, unhemmed or dirty clothing
  • Very short skirts and shorts i.e no shorter than mid-thigh length, sport shorts 
  • Footwear: bare feet, work-boots, gumboots, slippers, rubber jandals

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